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    Will there be recommended track-mixes?


      I am wondering if Jive will offer some recommended track mixes for those who'll need a more functional training experience versus a pure matrix during the conference.


      As I review the tracks, I compose them into the following pure matrix:

      • Marketing
      • Customer
      • Employee
      • Functional
      • Technical


      Have you thought about what would be some really good functional training schedules to propose to participants, ie:

      • Marketing+Customer?
      • Marketing+Employee?
      • Customer+Functional?
      • Employee+Functional?
      • Functional+Technical?
      • etc


      Granted, this is really up to each individual to define themselves, but some recommendations would be helpful.  Even indicators of must-see for a given track would be helpful.

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          Ted Hopton

          I don't have an answer to this question, but it gave me an idea. Rather than look to Jive for recommendations, what if the community made recommendations?


          Specifically, let's say each session at Jive World were listed as an idea so people could vote it up or down based on how appealing it is to them, and they could add comments, too, to give more context to what they think. As a Jive speaker, I'd find that kind of input in advance extremely valuable.


          As an attendee, I'd leverage the wisdom of the crowd and take it into account in selecting the sessions I attend. And I'd know which ones to arrive at early so I make sure I get a seat before it fills up!

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