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    Building a Reputation System

    Potential Advanced

      I'm curious what others have done to create a ranking/privilege system within their communities to encourage participation.  In our existing external community (on... a platform which will remain nameless) we have our ranking system configured based upon 3 items: contribution count (content), solutions (answers) attributed to that user, and ratings (peer 'votes' performed on individual pieces of content). 


      The system grants differing rank names based upon the number of contributions.  A battery indicator (which starts empty) gradually fills as the user receives more votes.  A set of signal bars (which starts at off) gradually increases 'strength' as the users posts are marked as the 'answer' to another user's question.  These three items work in concert to establish a reputation or level of trust, respect in the community.


      In addition to the visuals, based on formulas we've set up to calculate the combination of rank, batter level, and signal, we grant the user additional (some might say insignificant) privileges within the community.  Users may receive the ability to use an externally hosted avatar (rather than the default: choose from the built-in options) or the ability to access previously hidden areas of the community.  Our highest ranks (nearly impossible to reach... but a handful made the grade) include Moderator-like permissions (ex. users can move posts, but not edit), allowing them to help out the staff voluntarily.


      We used this set up to encourage the behaviors we desired (share knowledge, make valuable contributions, etc.) and it seemed to work well for those motivated by pretty icons and 'more power'. 




      Please share what you've done to set up a reputation/recognition system in your community to keep your members wanting to reach 'the next level'.