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    == TOC == in future version?

      We are currently using mediawiki and I was wondering if your wiki editor will eventually support the format of using == TOC == for headers and automatic table of content generation?






      == Download Client ==


      == Setup Client ==


      == Running Client ==


      would generate


      Table of Contents

      1 Download Client

      2 Setup Client

      3 Running Client


      Download Client                                  


      Setup Client                                       


      Running Client                                    

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          We continue to support most major supported markup syntaxes.  During the development of Clearspace, this was actually a common problem--there really is no standard wiki markup language.


          At this time we do not plan to implement the ==TOC== format, but we do support the || header column || format.  We also support the h1. h2. and h3. formats for headers.


          Hope this helps!

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              The Table of Contents feature in Clearspace documents will be very useful for us too.


              We have some very long documents (mostly FAQs) in MediaWiki. These documents are not meant to be read linearly from start to finish. It would help readers find the appropriate section very quickly if there were a ToC at the beginning of the document. Much better than scrolling thru the document or using Ctrl-F to find sections of interest.



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              This is pretty important for us. I would say most of the topics on our existing TWiki have TOC. It would be a start to just list the h1. h2. etc.... how hard could that be?


              See following links for some ideas:





              In general, allow mixed numbering, and control of display depth:



              1.0  stuff

              1.1 substuff

              1.2 more substuff

              2.0 more stuff


              1.0 Stuff

                1.1 substuff

                  blah blah

                    1) list item 1

                    2) item 2

                      a) sub items

                      b) more

                1.2 etc

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                +1.  We were looking at moving from MediaWiki to ClearSpace, but the lack of ability of creating an automatic TOC, or at least to be able to create internal links to the same document, is a must.

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                    Andy Goldstein

                    +1 here as well - we have Mediawiki set up and really like being able to do TOCs as well as have separate sections of the wiki documents that can be edited separately/individually instead of editing the entire document.  Clearspace provides a significant amount of additional functionality over Mediawiki that we''re investigating converting over, but would really like to see a more feature-rich wiki markup syntax.

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                        If you don''t mind me asking...what have been your issues with Mediawiki?

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                            Andy Goldstein

                            If you don''t mind me asking...what have been your

                            issues with Mediawiki?


                            I''m not a big fan of Mediawiki''s interface.  It seems a little too low-level in terms of its configuration and everyday use too.  It also doesn''t have a very good discussion forum feature in my opinion.  And there''s no document management (msword & the like) that I know of.


                            I don''t want to hijack this thread with all the details of what my company is looking for in a document management and collaboration tool - I''d be happy to discuss in another thread or via private message/email.  Please let me know if you''re interested.




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                        +1 on TOC for Clearspace


                        We use DokuWiki. Best wiki i''ve tried.


                        The best feature in DokuWiki of the ToC (as shown below) is that after three ToC items, it auto-builds an inset menu in the top right corner for fast navigation though the page. This allows you to make very large documents that are easy to edit and read through.


                        As an example, i often start by typing:


                        =====Main Topic=====


                        ====SubTopic 1====


                        ===Key Point 1.1===

                        The point detail goes here.


                        ===Key Point 1.2===

                        and so on...


                        ===Key Point 1.3===


                        ====SubTopic 2====


                        ====SubTopic 3====


                        I think this is a huge time-saving, information organizing feature.




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                          I did already ask for an automatic text to link conversion, so that DOC-1000 get''s converted to a link like <a href="/clearspace/DOC-1000" title="Clearspace Installation">DOC-1000</a>.

                          It would be really nice if one could embed the DOC-1000 document instead of using a link.


                          That''s not exactly what you request but quite similar.



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                              Aaron Johnson

                              hi LG,


                              The following macros are available that do text to link conversion:


                              Blog: The specified item was not found.

                              Blog post: The specified item was not found.

                              Space: Plugin Downloads

                              Thread: The specified item was not found.

                              Message: The specified item was not found.

                              Document: The specified item was not found.

                              User profile: Jive Community Administrator

                              User profile: icenosoft


                              Also, you can make a link to a document that doesn''t exist by using the link syntax:






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                                  Hi AJ,


                                  these are nice macros, but

                                  a) they have little to do with TOC, /me does not like to capture other threads (;

                                  b) it''s really hard to get the blog or the blog post ID.

                                  c) The specified item was not found. displays first the text and then the ''document'' icon (using Firefox). Everywhere else where I did look at the default skin uses first an icon and then a name, even the preview does this.


                                  One should mention that within one community/space "Trackbacks" (Incoming Links) are available for links created using these tags. This helps a lot to identify other docuemnts which may be interesting.



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                                    Hi Aaron,


                                    In ClearSpace Community 2.5.1, once we insert the TOC from the "Table of Contents" menu available in the drop downs,

                                    how do we actually add the contents to it.


                                    Do we have to insert it using the HTML mode of the editor?





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                                  +1 from me as well.  This is a huge pain not to have this.  Moin etc. all support this.

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                                    BTW - there is a Jira issue for it, go here




                                    and vote.