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    Strategy Presentation


      Can anyone share their 'Strategy' presentations / examples?


      for example:

      • Nurture a community centric collaboration approach. From single point of collaboration to ‘multiple points of collaboration’
      • Better support virtual team work
      • Boost information sharing across functions
      • Accelerate responsiveness and agility    
      • Advance innovationa dn solution creation
      • Engage transparent, virtual collaboration culture.


      regardless of the industry i feel the high level strategy for social  business is invariably the same. Can share ideas/strategies?

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          Hi Murad,


          I'm going to move this discussion to Jive Internal Communities - you are more likely to receive more relevant responses there. Also, I'd suggest using a private discussion (choose New -> Discussion -> Private Discussion) with whomever decides to share their stuff, since that group is public (searchable by Google).


          If this question grows into a need for a private group, let me know - happy to set one up for our Jive customers' use!