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    Impact of Community Managers on immediate and sustained implementation success


      Hello all,


      I'm trying to get some information on the impact of community managers on the immediate and sustained success of Jive implementations.  Can anyone share any stories? 


      The work group I'm supporting (Marketing) has a leader (CMO) that's very pro wikis, blogs, social business software because he reads about it's benefits but only uses them on a limited basis when we've piloted the technologies internally.  Others in the org tend to be more of a "face time" culture where most social interactions are in person.  Very little self-service anything in the whole company.  So I'm skeptical that social business software will work at all, much less without a Community Manager who can always keep a finger on the pulse of the community and make changes as necessary to keep people engaged.  I don't think the community would self manage.


      Any stories / thoughts are appreciated.