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    Email Templates in HTML

    Ryan Rutan


      Anyone know when this functionality will be available?  I know I've talked to some people in the past, but thought I'd throw it out there.  Currently, the only gap is that the system assumes text/plain (last time I looked)....what would be preferred would be an option on the Email Templates section that allows users to specify, text/html or text/plain and create the FreeMarker Template accordingly.



      Just thought I'd throw this one out there. =)






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          Agreed.  For such an intuitive user interface in Clearspace, i was surprised the notifications were being sent in plain text.  I've been looking everywhere in the admin console for an option for a text vs html radio button, but to no avail. 



          Hopefully they'll come out with it soon, since currently the emails are not very user friendly, and it would be much more flexible with the combination of FTL and HTML templated emails.



          Keepin my fingers crossed...