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    Congrats to Bupa for winning award for internal communications!

      Here's the full story: http://www.corpcommsmagazine.co.uk/awards/digi/winning-entries/1057-best-use-of-digital-media-in-internal-communications


      I had the honor of helping Bupa's Corporate Communications, HR and IT teams (yes, it does take a village) plan their Jive rollout strategy back in March of 2009, and I'm so happy to hear how they evolved and implemented that strategy into such a great cross-organizational community. I especially love the "Launch and Learn" approach!


      Here's an excerpt:


      Best use of digital media in internal communications

      From  being a UK-based private medical insurance business, Bupa has  transformed following a series of acquisitions into a global healthcare  business with 52,000 employees in 11 countries. But far from being a  cohesive unified workforce, the enlarged group struggled with  incompatible IT networks, hundreds of locations, multiple time zones and  languages and employees ranging from care home workers, call centre  staff and medical professionals. In a move that the judges said 'should  be applauded for encouraging a digital approach across the group', Bupa  launched a global social networking site Bupa Live designed to be  accessible 'anywhere, anytime'.


      Bupa Live, which was based on Jive  Social Business Software, is being rolled out in phases. The first  phase targeted office based employees, which make up 30 per cent of the  headcount, with a special focus on super users, middle managers and  advocates among the senior leadership.


      But rather than launch a  finished product, a multi-disciplinary team of IT, human resources and  internal communications staff decided to 'launch and learn'. Anyone who  expressed an interest was invited to participate in the planning stages,  while early adopters established the tone and culture of this new way  of working. Its success with this initiative has prompted Bupa to reach  out to the Bupa Live community with specific queries or issues,  requesting assistance to solve the problem.