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    Beginning with Jive SBS development


      Hi everybody!


      I'm new on Jive, I have to develop  some functionnalities to the Jive SBS of a company, and to be honest I  don't know from where to start to install a development environment. I  have the skills for the development, but before developing I need to  install all the stuffs on my computer. I've searched on the documentation, but haven't found anything to make from A to Z the environment for a developer


      Can someone help me with these questions:

      - Do I have to download the sources to develop/debug new functionnalities (With widgets/plugins)? I make the jar with the ant task, it gives a jar, what can I do with it? Can I deploy it directly on Tomcat?

      - With the VMWare virtual machine provided in the download area,  can I develop new functionnalities and debug on Eclipse? (Eclipse in  Windows, Jive SBS on the virtual machine)

      - Is there any tutorial to install from the beginning to the end the development environment?

      - I've seen that the software have been made for Linux, is there any problem installing it on a windows platform?


      If anyone could give me some help, it would be very appreciated!


      Thanks all!