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    Delegated Authentication


      Ok guys,


      I need more info on the Delegated Authentication. dose this mean I do not need the SSO re-direct in the front of my community to handle log in? this is new feature and love to know more on how we can use it to give the best user experience. I have the SSO re-direct in the front to the community.



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          hi John,


          Yes, it would mean that you wouldn't have to do a redirect: 1) you'd have your team implement the backend interfaces for delegated authentication, 2) you'd configure delegated authentication in the Jive admin console and then 3) your end users would come to Jive and be able to login using the standard Jive login page.



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              it seams like it is already set up as the iphone works. and I see the URL and the test checks. this is big deal. Will help with all the modules as well as each time we would have to customize the SSO system.


              i will need to connect with Jive PS now.