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    Allow "watch a tag" and "watch multiple tags" to find content from other groups and spaces


      Can you add a feature request to  add an option on the "watch a tag" and "watch multiple tags" widgets to allow them to search all groups and spaces, when they are used in a group or a space.  I  see it as being a useful way to pull content in from other locations,  but it doesn't work if it can only see its own location (in fact, I  don't see much value in the widget that way).


      For  instance, one reason I wanted to use it, is that we have a group for MS  office tips & tricks, and there is a blog post and a discussion in a  different group that are related.  I wanted to tag them with "ms-tips"  so that I could give them visibility in the "MS Office tips & tricks" group, while leaving  them in their original location.

      Re: Where is overview on "watch a tag" and "watch multiple tags" widgets?  Having issues...


      this may be similar to Re: More OOTB Widget Content by Tag Features..., I didn't quite understand all the terminology in that one...