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    Donald Rivard

      When using the <@comments> macro I always get the following error:


      [WARNING] [talledLocalContainer] freemarker.template.TemplateException: Error executing macro: comments
      [WARNING] [talledLocalContainer] required parameter: contentObject is not specified.


      I have tried the following


      <a name="comments"></a>
      <#include "/template/global/include/comment-macros.ftl" />
      <@comments contentObject=post isPrintPreview=fromPrintPreview/>


      I also tried using my contentObject


      <a name="comments"></a>
      <#include "/template/global/include/comment-macros.ftl" />
      <@comments contentObject=iticket isPrintPreview=fromPrintPreview/>


      I always get the same error. Is there a bug using this macro or am I just using it wrong?


      This is version 4.5