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    Translation of Two Jive Template Reports Network Connections and Content Engagement


      I am new to Jive analytics and so  am still trying to understand the data structure and elements that go  into creating the template reports provided by Jive (thank you, Jive).  Two of these reports continue to vex me.


      I've attached PDF's of these two reports so you all can see what I mean.


      Content Engagement


      Content  Engagement seems to show percent of engagement by consumer and by  creator.  The numbers are listed by month and show as 34.76 or 18.48.  Are these percents? Is the top of the scale 100?  Consumer Engagement  means?  And Creator Engagement means?


      I've looked at the query for this report and do not understand the relationship of the metrics listed in the query. Help.


      Network Connections


      This one I understand bit more.


      Object 49 User Relationship shows an activity count


      Activity 20 Create shows an active member count


      But what in the end does this mean?


      Is the Create a creation of a user relationship?


      Numbers  are shown as Members Making Connections. Is this Members attempting to  make a connection?  Is this Activity 20 Create by active member?


      The  other number is Connections Made.  Is this the actual connections made  by Members or Object 49 User Relationships? And is User Relationship  always someone connecting?




      Final  question.  The Activity and Object definitions spreadsheet are very,  very helpful. But this only lists a name of a variable. Is there a list  of definitions explaining what each one is?


      Thank you so much to all for your incredible patience?


      Anyone got a quiet place where I can now go rest my overburdened head? :-)