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    Education and social network tools

      How do learnees interact through social network tools and what is the real added value?




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          Marie, I was on this site looking for information on training when I saw your question from 2 weeks ago. I was surprised no one has responded so I'll give it a shot!

          Did you mean "learnees"?  Engaged participants interact by sharing information, asking and answering questions. Social Learning tools help to breakdown silos and enable better open communication and collaboration. New ideas are voiced and responded to.

          It builds trust and enables workers in different departments, different offices and different countries to see and respond to challenges that others are facing.

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              Thanks for weighing in with your thoughts, Donna.


              Marie, we use Jive social groups for our customer and partner training courses.  This allows learners to interact with each other and our instructor team, and the questions that are answered form a living/growing knowledge base for future learners.  In fact, we even had a student build out one of our training courses for the Macintosh developer environment setup, and we have used that ever since for Mac users.

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                  Hi Rick,

                  you mentioned in your response that you use Jive social groups for customer and partner training courses. Can you help me to better understand how exactly you have set this up? Has every class its own group? Are they all under one space? What happens to the discussions / documents once the class has been completed? What about training scheduling (is this done in Jive as well or are you using another tool)?


                  Sorry for all these questions but we starting to roll out Jive in HP Software and I've been bombarded left and right from teams who want to use Jive for all sorts of things. Insights into your experience would be really appreciated.



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                      Hi Eberhard - yes, we use a top level Education space that links out to the various training courses that are each private social groups.  We approve requests to join these groups once payment has been taken care of, and we don't enforce a start or end time - instead, we make them available 24/7 on demand and encourage attendees to use them as often as they need, or to set aside a chunk of time to work through them from start to finish... whichever approach works best given hectic work schedules.


                      I'd be happy to get on the phone with you this week or next to discuss further.