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    Suggestions for expertise location?

      I'm leary of relying too heavily (or, actually, at all - at least in our organization which basically has 0 process/experience/history around actually including skills or experience in profiles) on profiles as a source of expertise.  Profiles seem so web 1.0 - what makes a lot more sense is to incorporate "social" into profiles, just as we do for social tags or social bookmarks.  By way of example: I happen to be interested in data visualization and busienss intelligence.  So if I blog about  BI, answer questions about BI, comment on posts regarding BI, tag and bookmark content regarding BI, why, when someone want to search for people knowledgable about BI would in not be a good idea to include me in the hits, regardless of what's in my pofile (or more accurately, what's not in my profile).  Jive exposes the authors of content, but I can't rank or sort based on authors. (At least I don't think so... but would welcome a correction/workaround)  Along the same lines, I'd really like the ability to label (tag) someone with something like 'DB2 Guru' or 'Jive wizzard' so if someone is searching for stuff on DB2 or Jive, these labels would factor into the hit ranking.


      Given the way Jive is structured, any ideas for how to best incorporate behaviour into exposing expertise rather than limiting it to profile content?