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    Critical Oracle JDBC Bug


      Hey all,


      We've recently discovered a critical bug in the Oracle JDBC drivers. Essentially, they won't allow inserting more than about 2K of data into CLOB columns. Because we switched to CLOB from LONG for Jive Forums 3.x for the body field of jiveMessage, customers are running into the bug when users try to post large messages. The bug usually shows up as a mysterious database connection reset, although some versions of the JDBC drivers will output error messages.


      Oracle knows about the issue and they are working on a fix. However, it could be quite some time before a fix is available. Because of that, and because some customers don't have a choice about which JDBC drivers they use, we're switching back the Jive Forums Oracle schema to use LONG instead of CLOB.


      We're currently working on conversion scripts (to convert the CLOB column to a LONG) for existing Jive Forums 3 Oracle customers. Also, starting in Jive Forums 3.0.4, the schema we ship will use LONG instead of CLOB.