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    Does anyone use an Access Permission Form?

    Julie Cardinali Brancik

      Hi, all.


      I'm wondering how you all handle the startup of a new space.  I am the manager of a "registered user" community (content is viewable by only registered users, but the login page is on the internet).  We have several different permission roles a user can register as, however due to our industry we have to be cautious that every piece of data is only visable to the right permission group.  Without getting into too many specifics, the basic questions are:


      1. How do you handle the Space Permissions and Levels when a user wants to create a community in a new space?  So far, I have to sit with each 'space requester' and ask what access each role in the space should be able to do.
      2. How do you do it?  Do you use a pre-built form?  If so, do you have one to share?


      I'm attaching a snippet of a document I use to keep track of our community's access permissions.  I have changed the form to example data.  Since I am also the system administrator, I'm looking for a form that translates these system options to the 'space requester', then I could implement the requirements, and ultimately store the form as an artifiact.


      If I have posted this in the wrong community, I apologize.  I have to start somewhere.