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    Measures for a community manager


      I'm working on job descriptions for a number of roles that are quite similar to a community manager, and I'm struggling to come up with some good measures that I could define to track whether the employees are on-track with desired behaviors and results.  Does anyone have examples they could share?



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          We haven’t launched our community yet, so this approach has yet to be implemented. I think most communities start with number of Profiles created on the site, which would be a good indicator of interest in the site. We are planning to replace our employee directory with Jive profiles pre-loaded, so we won’t see any trends there as everyone will have a profile on day one.

          So instead we’re looking to measure engagements: number of comments, likes, groups created, messages and docs posted, projects created and such. We will also look at the health of key groups, as in are they growing, is there activity, how has manager helped there? We also want to see community managers work with key business areas (we can’t help everyone at first) in getting them trained, setup with a good use case, and coached.

          So we plan to use a mix of quantitative and qualitative measures. I’m sure we’ll modify as we go, but in terms of establishing measures before we launch, this is where we came out.

          We’re always looking to learn how others are approaching this.


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            Jeff, I've been thinking a lot about your question. And my own two questions that keep coming up are:


            1. What responsibilities will the employee(s) have?
            2. Are you looking for numberic measures?


            Community managers can be tasked with a huge range of different responsibilties. I love how Dion Hinchcliffe's community manager graphic captures this:



            So, the job descriptions you are working on might include:


            • Train employees on how to use the community
            • Train department community managers or group owners on admin features
            • Respond to reported site issues - is it a technical issue or an education issue?
            • Respond to complaints or inappropriate usage
            • Provide reports on site usage
            • Actively participate in the community to model desired behaviors
            • Develop content that members will be interested in (or find writers for this) and manage a publishing calendar
            • Nurture the subject matter experts and other superstars that emerge


            Measurements might look like:


            • Closure / resolution of all reports of site issues, complaints, abuse
            • Ability to provide site metrics
            • % adoption
            • % active contributors
            • Site presence - does the person login regularly and contribute within the community
            • Content delivery measured against the publishing calendar
            • # of active SMEs / superstars


            I think the reason I have not responded sooner is because I would be hesitant to measure a person's performance against some of these numbers. For example, if the number of SMEs and superstars has gone down, does that mean the community manager is failing in that area?


            Just some food for thought - I hope this is helpful!