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    How to make membership control easy for old groups?


      Archiving of groups that is a concern for me at the moment.


      We are using "Jive groups" to manage different R&D projects within a particular business, with two units.  Each "Jive Group" needs its own security control while it is active, as teams will include non R&D members.


      When the R&D project is complete, we would like to be able to control the membership rights of that "Jive Group" more simply.  For instance, if we maintained a "permission group" for "ABC R&D managers" and "ABC Sr. R&D engineers" then we could add both those "permission groups" to each of the archived "Jive Groups", as as members join or leave that "permission group", they automatically gain or lose access to the "Jive groups" that their "permission group" has access to.


      If we don't make membership on archived projects simple, in 5 years when a new manager joins, it will be difficult to get them access to the older groups.


      Is anyone else struggling with this, or found a solution already?


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          Thinking this sounds like a case for spaces, since spaces have "user group" functionality in the Admin Console. You could create a manager user group, an engineer user group. Then add those user groups to the appropriate spaces. You can control permission to the space at a "macro" level by adding/removing or changing group permissions; or you can control it at a more micro level by removing individuals from a group or assigning a user over-ride for the space. The permission structure with spaces is MUCH more granular than it is for groups.

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              Thanks Tracy.  I agree that spaces would make more sense.


              I have two issues though...

              1. I already have ~ 15 groups that are setup (only a few are very active (100+ pieces of content), the average is probably 30 pieces of content.  I don't want to do all that by hand, and I can't find a clear way to do it with a bulk method
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              2. Our guidance was to move away from spaces, and use groups, so we are trying to stick with that
                1. Part of this is that we didn't want every business to have their own space, and just work within there and not communicate outside their business
                2. There seems to be some possibility of shifting to spaces now though, so maybe that will be possible
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                  My perspective is that the type of container - group or space - is not going to determine whether your businesses continue to work in silos. They will or they won't, and structure is unlikely to be the determining factor.


                  The conclusion I draw from having watched our Jive site start, grow and morph is that in the beginning, the businesses did largely continue to work in their silos. Because that was how things had always been done, and they still needed to organize many things along those lines due to P&L and other considerations. And, too, this gave them a certain level of comfort as part of the transition to enterprise community. But as the community has grown, people have branched out of those silos. Some, by happy accident; others, by design. And as that happens, the organization of the spaces is changing. I just 10 minutes ago completed a request to move a space from being deeply nested within a division silo into a global company area.


                  And regardless of all of that, the structure you have described above is more of a structured, secured area. And hands down, spaces support that better than groups do.

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                Curious the update to this thread and how your organization evolved over the last 4 years.