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    Group Admin Support


      Hey!! I am a Community Enterprise Manager and I am working on the launch of our beautiful new JIVE site.


      I am writing some best practise for group admins and I wondered if anyone has something I can borrow or work from? I did a quick search and didn't find what I was looking for.


      I want to include some best practise for how they can guide the members of their group tagging, categories, rating and liking content. As well as some best practise on moderating the group and then finally how to know when to close a group down and archive the content.


      If I can the group owners early we have a better chance of best practise going forward.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi Kim,

          I am working on the same thing and although I am only in the early stages I am more than happy to share when they are done.


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              This is an issue for me as well.  How I am looking at it is this....


              One of our businesses has typically 20 active projects which are stored in Jive Groups, with controlled memberships (it is required that memberships are restricted to project teams at this point).


              As projects are completed, we want to keep them discoverable, but as years go by less and less people will have access, and we don't want the headache to maintain the security of all these different groups.  This is especially a problem when new managers join the company, because they won't have access to these groups.


              One way to do this is to move the completed Jive Groups into one larger "archive group", and they would become projects.


              Another way to do this is obvious, we can use spaces.  We have been discouraged from using spaces though, and have been trying to work things out with groups.  With spaces, I need to check if I can put controlled access on projects within a space, or whether each one would need to be its own subspace.

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              Went digging through our docs, and this stuff is a bit dated (was created when we were on 3.x), but feel free to use if you'd like.


              From a document on overall group health:

              • Marking your questions as answered. As powerful  a tool as [community] is for getting questions answered, if would be even  more so if questions that were asked and answered were marked as such.  Other community members can quickly review the list of discussions and  see which questions have been answered. Revisit the answered questions  on the groups you belong to. If the question has been satisfactorily  answered, mark it as answered.
              • Rating your own documents and rating others'.  How many of you have used ratings on other sites to help make decisions  (think Amazon or any other online retailer)? [community] ratings can be used  the same way. Surely you have an opinion about your own content. Rate it  and let others tell you what they think with their own rating. Just got  finished reading the best thing ever? Rate it! Maybe it wasn't so good?  Rate it! Ratings allow community members to see which content is more  relevant or of better quality.
              • Commenting on discussions, documents, and blogs.  Those who post to [community] are looking for feedback and that includes you!  Just as you hope others will comment on your content, comment on what  you see out there. After rating a document, let the the poster know in  the comments what you think could improve their work. Or if you thought  it was great, point out what it was that you liked and add more to it.  Activity breeds activity and activity breeds more opportunity for  sharing, connecting, learning, and innovating.


              These  three simple behaviors will improve the quality of [community] and the  quality of the experience of our clients and associates. It will  contribute to making [community] all it can be! Thank you!


              From a document on tagging:

              Tags are a means of describing documents, groups, blogs or just about  anything else in the system.  They act as a means of categorizing  content so that it can be quickly grouped with similar content and  filtered by keyword and tag browsing.


              It is important to tag everything you create.  If you are a Group Owner, you should stress the importance of tags to your members, and regularly  monitor content in your group to make sure it is tagged sufficiently.   Documents, discussions, your personal profile, and the group itself  should all be tagged.  Tags are what allow other people to find your  content.

              Some tips for tagging in [community]:

              • Do not be afraid to use too many tags.  More is better when it comes to tags.
              • Documents and discussions should have a minimum of three tags.
              • Connect multiple words into tag phrases by using_an_underscore.
              • If you use a phrase as a tag, you should also use each individual word as a separate tag.
              • Think about what keywords you would use to search for something and add them as tags.
              • If  someone reports to you that they are not able to find something, ask  what keywords they used in the search. If applicable, update the tags on  that item.
              • Educate your group members that they should add tags to a document or discussion if they do not find it in their initial search.
              • Add the Tag Cloud widget to your group page and set the number of tags displayed to 200 or more.  It is a great way to search.
              • If your document discusses a specific technology, solution, company, or brand, be sure to add it to the tags.
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                Andrew Kratz

                ....and don't forget the Jive documentation.  I think many of the pages are quite useful and we have been reposting some of them in into our internal community.  At least the 4.5 docs are good.  http://www.jivesoftware.com/support/documentation


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