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    Jive for delivery of internal training/certification?

      Hi everyone:


      I ran across a potential use case today that I'm scratching my head over...


      Let's say we have a new employee at our company.  As part of their on-board process, they have to read the employee manual (watch a video training, whatever) and then take a test to show their comprehension of the content.


      I can figure out how we'd post the content, even how we'd allow employees to ask/answer questions about the content.  But is there an easy, out-of-the-box way for us to create a certification test?  I'd have to have a way to know for sure that employee 'x' took the test consisting of 'y' questions, and they got 'z' of them right.  Based on that percentage of right/wrong answers, they'd either be "certified" or would have to take the test again.


      Any ideas?  Has anyone done this?