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    "Non-Work" Social Groups and your non-solicitation policy


      So perhaps my headline was too specific in the wrong way, revising to see if there is anything else to learn out there.


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      This is a call out for anyone from highly regulated industries (financial services strongly begged for), who work with powerful  Legal departments. I could use real world examples of how you manged any showstopper concerns raised by your Legal Department.


      Our legal department is saying "no" to non-work related employee groups (think Scrapbooking Club and the like). They are citing the non-solicitation policy and the risk that non-work groups open the doors to third-parties getting access to our employees. But again, any examples are welcome.

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          Andrew Kratz

          We have a financial service arm (Standard & Poors) and have spent considerable time with legal, compliance etc...  It sounds like your community is external (e.g. you mention opening the door to third-parties).  Our environment is internal.  For us, ensuring that the Jive content is archived in a similar fashion as email and instant messaging gave legal/compliance the safety net they were looking for.  We did this via a Jive Professional Service Plug-in to send all content to our email system (and then to the archiving tool).   We did have to go through the 12 steps of reaction to "social software".  But after a few sessions there was a better understanding of the tool and how it works.  Information firewalls are a fairly hot topic for us to keep certain groups from not interacting with other groups..  Jive 5.5 looks like it is going to attack that issue with "walled gardens" so I think we don't need that today, but will be something we require down the road.