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    Yammer & Jive


      Hey Guys,


      I have been hearing allot about yammer and want to get the groups opinion on the service and find out if there Jive integration or plans to.

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          It's a very good stand-alone service, and does offer some additional capabilities not included in Jive's v4.5 microblogging feature (you have seen the preview for that, right????).


          I doubt Jive will make any effort to integrate Yammer. If there was wider market acceptance of Yammer perhaps they'd consider a connector similar to their SharePoint connector. But there probably aren't enough customers on Yammer that'd be willing to pay for such as connector.


          Personally, from what I've seen the Jive implementation looks great, and is very well integrated into the existing product in ways that a separate system like Yammer can never be. I'm pretty excited about it.