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    "Active users" in Admin console vs "Active users" in SBS Analytics


      I'm new to Business Objects and I'm hoping this is an easy question.  I am looking for the number of unique active users in a month by container.

      In the Admin Console Reporting tab you can see active users for the community as a whole in the Dashboard and number of active users per day by container in Reports > People > Active Participants.

      To find unique active users in a month by container I went to Business Objects.  I have a simple report with year, month, container name, and "Active Member Count."  The results for the full community are nowhere near where they are in the Admin Console Reporting tab.  In fact, in many months the numbers are greater than the total number of unique logins I've had in the community ever.

      I could create active users by counting anyone who creates, modifies, moves, rates, etc. in the month - but it seems like this is what "Active Member Count" - defined as "unique user_id performing at least 1 end-user activity" should be.  Anyone have any advice?



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          The only thing that I can think of would if you were not using DISTINCT in your "Active Member Count"  Its possible that your query is just pulling up the total instances where a user did an end user activity, which means users are being counted for every activity they do.


          This is the query that I have used with good results:

          SELECT jivedw_container.name, COUNT(DISTINCT jivedw_activity_agg_month.user_id)
          FROM jivedw_activity_agg_month, jivedw_container, jivedw_month
          WHERE jivedw_container.dw_container_id= jivedw_activity_agg_month.dw_container_id
          AND jivedw_activity_agg_month.month_id=jivedw_month.month_id

          AND jivedw_month.month_of_year=1 --(this is the number of the month)

          AND jivedw_month.year =2011

          AND jivedw_container.container_type =700 --(for spaces, other container codes can be put here)
          GROUP BY jivedw_container.name