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    New Space Request Form?



      I'd like to get some insight on what other internal community managers are using when groups/teams, etc would like to add their own space on the community.  Do you have a request form?  A special process?  A timeline of how long it takes to get a new space up and running?


      Any and all insight, feedback, ideas are welcome.


      Thank you!


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          Hi Leigh. We are not yet perpetuating the build out of spaces, and we are trying to limit the creation of groups ad-hoc, particularly at the beginning stages of our roll out. Keeps things more managable and really tailored to our business needs up front. We have a form that needs to be filled out when employees are thinking of a new group. We've also established a moderation team that will evaluate the request and approve/deny. If approved, the group will be created for the employee and the employee will need to adhere to general guidelines we've establised on being a group owner. They can then invite those to the group that would have a business need to participate.  In the form, we ask for information such as

          description and business purpose

          criteria for membership

          permissions required, i.e.: private, members, etc.

          number of expected members

          willingness to own and manage the group

          what should/should not be posted in the community

          I expect that as we grow and become well adjusted, some of these restrictions will ease and we may give employees the ability to create their own groups, but until then, we are finding this to be a good way go manage to organized chaos.

          Hope that helps a bit.

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              We started very lean and have grown the number of spaces as we have started our intranet migration project. This discussion was really helpful when I was first starting out Strategy for using Groups and Spaces


              Our basic principle is we have a high level space per business unit and then we have some for functions like people, technology, procurement, finance etc.


              The key thing is understanding that a group and space have the same functionality a lot of our people didn't get that straight off. The other fear is not being able to find their group and automatically assuming if it is a space people will find it easier. The key here is helping people understand they need to search for content rather than relying on drop downs and menus in the old world of intranets. Having a couple of really great groups you can direct people to helps as you can say "this group thought they should be a space and now look at them"


              My final pointer would be get your community to understand categories and the value of these in helping to organise content in a group - people really feel like they need the crutch of a sub-space, when managing categories correctly would be so much more effective.

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                  Kim's final pointer was right on. We are using categories as well. Gives users a sense of organization and solves the "can I have a sub-group", which doesn't exist. 

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                    Erin Haines

                    I also agree with Kim's point about Categories - especially within Spaces. Our internal community is still in it's early stages ("official" launch was in May) - and consistently with in our Space Owners (designated "admins" of specific spaces) are struggling with the idea of "Categories vs Sub-Spaces." Many gravitate to wanting multiple Sub-Spaces, as they feel a little more like "folders"; but often the sub-spaces further segregate their content (and team), so I try and encourage the use of Categories as in most instances offer more in terms of organizing content within any place (groups/projects/spaces).


                    Has anyone else experienced this challenge? Or have any training materials/documentation presenting the differences/benefits of Categories vs Sub-Spaces?

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                        Question -- I have employees asking if they can have sub-categories under a category - is this possible?  Also, we have a community that put category widget on their main page which shows all blog, documents, discussions...within each category.  When they go and click on the number representing how many are in each (# of documents for example), it does not bring them right to this area.  They need to click and then hit open.  Is system designed this way or is it a bug?  Thank you!

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                            No sub-categories.


                            Second question, not sure what you are asking.

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                                Thanks Tracy.

                                Below is a snapshot of some of categories within a community.  You would think you can click on any of the numbers and get right into that category showing the document, discussion...  Rather, you need to click and then right click and select open.  Seems like an unnecessary step


                                2-50 Renewal Account Consultant1010
                                Account Consultants0000
                                Account Executive: SB0000
                                Bend the Trend0011
                                Business Development Manager00
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                                We've had a similar issue and looks like the behavior might have been due to the native browser within Lotus Notes. When changing the browser to IE or Firefox, the categories widget seemed to work. The only think I don't like about it is that when clicking on the category name, it gives the initial impression that the screen just refreshes, looking like it did nothing. You need to scroll down to find the content.

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                                    Hi SB -- We are on IE browser. The issue I see if that we click on the number (in the example above there is one blog in 2-50 renewal account consultant) and you would think by clicking it you would be directed to the place where the blog is found.  instead you need to click and then right click and then select open.  The right click and open seem like unnecessary steps and not very intuitive to the user.

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                            Hi Leigh - We do require a form to be completed if a user would like to create a community.  The form is straightforward and easy to complete yet yields a number of benefits.  The request form is obtained through a link within our Jive instance (ULink) and the actual form resides in a database which allows me to quickly view, approve, decline, update requests..


                            From a user standpoint, it helps them to think about outline overall community purpose and goals, management responsibilities and permission requirements. From an ECM standpoint (my role) it gives me the opportunity to easily view all requests and determine if a community is the best option or if a group or category would suffice.  Upon receipt of the request, I initiate a call with requester to walk through the details of the request and to discuss overall community management (if that is the route we choose).  If we determine a group or category is a better option, we go over the basics of each of these concepts and get them started down the right path.  Basically, I use this as a training/educating opportunity with the new community/group manager.  In addition, I am able to track open, closed, and pending requests in one location and to keep track of overall ULink structure.


                            The process we have put in place has been very successful to date.  If you would like to see a copy of the form (again, it is very straightforward), I am happy to share.


                            Hope this helps!

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                                I am very interested in the database you use. How does this work? We have had a lot of requests for the option to form build within some of the communities in our instance and I think this process you describe would work really well for our intranet migration project.

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                                    Hi Kim - the individual that was involved in the development of this tool is happy to talk with you directly.  I would be part of the converation as well in order to gain further insight.  Please send me your contact information and I will set something up. Thanks.

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                                  Here's the text of the reference page in our "Help" space in Matrix (the name of our Jive instance).  We have a slightly different and more stringent process for top-level spaces.




                                  Need a space for your organization or team? Please contact the space owner or community manager for the space where you'd like to have your new space created. They  have the best knowledge of what's appropriate for your organization and  are able to create new spaces and projects on behalf of their  colleagues.


                                  How to Request a New Space

                                  If you're not sure who to contact, you may contact <admin email> and we'll do our best to identify the space owner or otherwise help you.


                                  Top-level spaces are governed by Matrix Business Stakeholders, so if you have an idea for a top-level space we can start the discussion.


                                  Please include:

                                  • Space Name
                                  • Space URL suffix (lowercase with no spaces)
                                  • Space Owner(s)
                                  • Location in Space hierarchy
                                  • Brief Description and overview of usage
                                  • Content Types enabled in your space (e.g. Discussions, Documents, Blogs). All will be enabled unless otherwise specified.
                                  • Permissions for your space (e.g. Open, Public, Restricted) 
                                    • Usernames and/or groups who can edit
                                    • Usernames and/or groups who can read


                                  Basic responsibilities of a Space Owner:

                                  Manage and maintain your space:

                                  • Invite participation by encouraging members to contribute
                                  • Customize the arrangement of the widgets on the Overview page
                                  • Add contact information to Overview page
                                  • Adjust viewing / editing permissions
                                  • Monitor space activity and review “flagged” content
                                  • Assist owners of sub-spaces


                                  Top-level Space Owners also serve as liaison between authors/users of their spaces and the Enterprise Community Manager in IT.

                                  • Address simple author/user questions
                                  • Forward more complex questions to ECM or Matrix Help / Matrix Admins
                                  • Communicate use cases and success stories
                                  • Provide feedback on system performance, policies, and feature requests


                                  Matrix Groups

                                  Depending  on your needs, a Group may be suitable for your collaboration needs.  Anyone can create a group, so it's easy to get started.

                                  • Comparing Matrix's Spaces vs. Groups
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                                      Nice work Kevin!  I should clarify as well.  We have two separate processes for space requests.  If an individual is requesting a space outside of our IT arena, the general process I described is used.  If someone would like to create a space within IT - CoP's a much more detailed approach is required and required the appointment of a CoP manager and a sponsor.  The manager must establish CoP deliverables, a CoP charter, and actin plan.  The sponsor reviews and approves these items before the CoP is established. Sponsors for a CoP are ultimately responsible for the CoP membership & content. 

                                      The same tracking system is used for the CoP area as well.