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    Login Records

      I am trying to create a report to show login records for a specific person in (permission group  "x"), over time.

      I want to make a chart/graph for this person to show how active they have been over a period of time.

      Also, it would be very helpful for me to see how long that person was logged in for.

      I don't know what table to look in to find this stored data, but I would assume it would be available from the database.

      Any Ideas?





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          Hey Cameron,

          What you are looking for is definitely within the Analytics Tables.  Are you only wanted to show how often they log on? or how active (any end user activity) they are?  the jivedw_activity_fact, or any of the aggregate tables (ie. jivedw_activity_agg_day) would contain what you need.  You can filter by activity types and users in those tables.

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              Thanks for the quick reply. It would actually be very helpful to show both; how often they log on and then how active they are / how long they are logged on for (on average).

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                  When we looked at the function of how long they are logged on for, we decided that may not be a good representation since people can leave it on in the background and so be "logged in" even thought they are not interacting with the software.  The activity code you will need to check for # of logins is

                  160, which gets set to the jivedw_activity_fact.activity_type value

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                      Ok Thanks!

                      Another Question. Along with tracking the activity of certain users, I am interested in tracking the activity on different parts of the site such as communities, threads, messages etc. I was thinking specifically the amount of page views. Would the Analytics Tables also be able to provide that information?

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                          You are able to do those searches, it gets more and more complicated the more categories (space, group, thread, etc.) you bring in.  jivedw_containers is where spaces are and jivedw_objects is where the majority of other information is stored.  You'll just have to look up the object code (social group is 700 i think) on Jive's website to narrow your search to the right parameters.



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