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    Does the ECM job description at your company include..

      driving an overall collaboration strategy for the company?


      Can anyone give me some specifics about how you've accomplished this?

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          We have not yet accomplished this but we are in the initial phases of figuring out how our overall Portal Strategy will/will not link together  We currently have Jive as our internal collaboration tool, Frontier as our Intratet (web content, light personalization, communiation focus and navigation point of entry) and an Employee Portal (Human Capital focus, workflow capabilities, navigation to other HR capabilities).  As I said, we are just beginning this journey but happy to keep you posted as we move forward.

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            I could give almost the same response... We are currently in the process, having made good progress over two years with our Jive platform (which similarly to JJ is our internal collaboration tool) of figuring out the wider collaborative framework. we have a few intranets around the world, several global and many more local apps, a global portal project....


            Happy to keep you posted.

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              Our ECM job description isn't fully fleshed out...but I already know that this person's role won't really include driving overall collaboration strategy.


              We're pretty fragmented, and our interal audience is really technical (think people who develop operating systems and hardware).  So for us to mandate a collaboration tool would likely be an exercise in futility.  The ECM needs to be down in the weeds and can be a trusted technical advisor to those who will use the system.  Maybe not smart in the same technologies they are, but someone who has techy credentials.


              I'm one of the exec sponsors on this, and our CIO is the other.  It's up to us to meet with other groups, paint the vision, work to get them onto the system, make sure they get what they need, etc.  Essentially we're the internal sales team, and our ECM is the techy person who makes it all happen.


              Hope this helps...

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