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    Wiki functionallity in Jive Software?

      Hello, is possible with Jive Software to create Wikis? is there any functionality related to Wikis?




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          Jive says:"Wikis are only normal documents."

          You can use the document creation functionality to start a Wiki page.





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              Jive is not MediaWiki and does not pretend to be.  Nor is it Confluence and it does not pretend to be.  Those two applications are full blown wiki's by everybody's definition.


              The documents functionality does allow you to create a page similar to a wiki page and in many regards, you can compare Jive to being a wiki similarly to you calling Sharepoint's wiki functionality a wiki.

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                  Actually, my answer here seems incomplete.


                  A wiki has the ability for anyone to add and change content.  Jive allows this.

                  A wiki has the ability for someone (admin or regular user) to roll back content to a previous version.  Jive allows this.

                  A wiki has the ability for anyone adding content with some sort of markup for formatting.  Jive allows this.


                  Hence, many people will claim that Jive has wiki functionality (once again, every bit as much as Sharepoint can make the same claim).

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                      But frustratingly it lacks the following features that really make a wiki useful:


                      • Can't compare changes to wiki documents once there's a couple of pages of content Fix broken document comparison
                      • When a wiki page is edited, RSS notifications just spit out the whole page again, rather than information about what has changed.
                      • Nowhere to provide a change summary when saving a new version of a wiki page.
                      • Can't create links to pages that don't yet exist. (you have to create a new page, go back add a link, all much slower than just typing [[new page]])


                      Having said that, it does a lot of things well, if they could just sort out those issues...

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                          Dr. Steve - all good points.  Jive has explored a few creative ways to make document collaboration cleaner in the future.  While I doubt we will go more towards a wiki style, there will be easier ways to manage pages of content.  Also, I haven't actually heard of the RSS issue before, so I will make sure our product team has eyes on it for sure.

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                              Hi Curtis,


                              Thanks for raising the RSS issue. It's a shame that Jive lacks the ability to present a summary of what has changed in a document from the RSS feed.


                              I agree that Jive should not move back to wiki markup, but there's no reason why an RTE can't allow for easily creating links to pages that don't yet exist. An interesting way to achieve this would be through using the new @ mention linking available in Jive 5. When writing in a document, if you start typing '@new page' and there is nothing brought up by the search, a link could appear that is 'create document: new page', which when clicked, would create a new document, with this title, in the same container as the current document being edited. That would give the [[new page]] functionality without needing markup.



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                                Curtis Gross If Jive will not go more towards a wiki style, could it be an option for Jive to give confluence and mediawiki a chance to become seemless integrated in Jive? As a result the Jive profiles should become connected to the confluence/mediawiki content authors and the changes of the wikis should appear in the activity stream of Jive. I think Jive can not provide all functionalities needed in an enterprise 2.0 as "best in class". But Jive could take the chance to become the information hub for all connected systems. Another step could be to connect video chat platforms, realtime document collaboration like Etherpad, enterprise microblogging like communote and others. I will discuss this also with Matt Hodges and Daniel Franz from Atlassian this week in frankfurt.


                                What do You think about it?

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                            I see room for both here...


                            It would be good to be able to create online one pager docs like you can do now...but it would also be good to have the option to create multi-page docs (commonly known as a wiki)


                            In Jive how do you create user help guides? Are they just one long page? I like the idea of a multi-page guide that you get from regular wikis...which I think this post is on about

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                          How do users create content? Does a wiki functionality exist?

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                            To me, a wiki page offers much more than what a Document page does. I've been comparing an older version of Confluence (3.5x) to Jive 5. While I find the Document feature quite easy to use and much better than Confluence for things like displaying an attached Microsoft Office document, it doesn't offer me nearly as many of the features that I use daily in a Confluence wiki page.


                            For example:

                            • inline page linking doesn't exist - eg., I'm at the top of the page and I want to refer a reader to another part of the same page by entering something like "see Grumblesticks in section 7, below")
                            • page layout features are minimal - there's a blockquote, tables and a code highlighter. Oh and a toc widget. But that's it -- there is no way to create, for example, columns or coloured boxes (panels) or a gallery of attached images
                            • cannot embed frequently-used snippets from other pages ("includes") that can be updated once and be updated in real-time in many places
                            • cannot embed automatically-generated "related pages" links
                            • I'm not even sure if you can display images attached to one page on another page. I haven't tested it yet, but I imagine people will have to attach the same image to multiple pages, thereby ensuring that (when one gets updated) no one ever knows which one is the correct version.


                            Jive sort-of offers what I consider to be a "real" wiki page as the overview or landing page for a project or group. In an overview page, you can embed widgets, write your own HTML or insert dynamic links to other pages. I would be delighted if I could create pages like that where-ever I want. (Even the dire Sharepoint allows you to create as many pages like that as you need)


                            -- Kathleen

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                              Dear all


                              Since the last post in this thread, has there been any progress in developing wiki-like functionality for JIVE?