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    What systems/apps have you replaced with Jive?


      If you've used Jive for any amount of time it's no surprise that customers have replaced existing technologies with their Jive communities. We've see replacements of all sorts – from unsanctioned, Web 2.0 apps like Yammer and TWiki to traditional IT systems like Documentum and eRooms.


      In fact, in the survey we conducted late last year, here are some of the systems respondents replaced with Jive (note: this is by no means exhaustive, but rather represents a list of the systems that were commonly mentioned). BaseCamp, Confluence, daptiv, Documentum, Drupal, eRooms, FuseTalk, Lithium, Lotus Notes applications, Moodle, Ning, OneOrZero, Onesite, Oracle Portal, Peachtree, SharePoint, SiteScape, SocialText, Twiki, vBulletin, Vignette, WebSphere, WordPress, Yammer


      What about you? Have you replaced any systems and apps with Jive? What's your story?

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          Interesting list, Tim.  We're just at the beginning of our internal Jive implementation - I'm sure I'll have a list like this in 6-9 months.


          Drupal was one example that caught my eye - we have some stuff on Drupal that we're looking at replacing.  I'd be interested in talking with customers or Jive users who were involved in a Drupal swap-out, if that'd be possible...

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              Hey Tim, as we wait to hear from your counterparts on this thread, I'll also ping the customers that have replaced it to see if I can introduce you. Thanks.

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                  nlopez Intermediate

                  Hi, we did a migration from Drupal to our External Communities for our Developers Network. It was fairly straight-forward...took 2 months. The hardest part for us was managing duplicate accounts since we were moving the forums to a place where some of the Developers already had accounts. Another gotcha for us was the level of effort to maintain attachments within the threads themselves.


                  Next up, we're migrating from an open source PHP forum to Jive for internal communities. We're looking to employ the same strategy. However, managing users will be much easier this time since everything is connected to our Active Directory.


                  Happy to discuss further...




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                  Ryan Rutan Guru

                  Swapping out Drupal isn't that fun ... especially if you were heavy on Advanced Wiki syntax.  We did a Drupal to Confluence conversion....and it took a good 6 months to get the last bits of the wiki code fixed.


                  As for ourself, we see Jive playing a key role in eliminating the need for ad-hoc Lotus Notes databases as well as consolidation/deletion of select list-serv addresses throughout the enterprise.  Hoping to extend this to a broader set of applications once we get going with JiveApps this year. =)

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                  Lotus Notes databases and Live links will be amoung the first victims but wait and see if there will be more...

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                    Here's my company's online community story:


                    Listservs (Dark ages - October 2008)  Clients engaged in conversation and Q&A.  Fairly high level of participation and (as we learned later) this was a highly liked tool within among our user base.  However, the archive wasn't really accessible, there weren't images or attachments, and it was all in email with no way of opting out of stuff you weren't interested in.  In addition, users found that the level of discourse was often of fairly low value (think 10 emails saying "thanks" in response to one post).


                    SharePoint (October 2008 - December 2010)  Launched community in SharePoint plus some NewsGator add-ins, to big fanfare at annual user conference.  Realized within a few months (or less) that adoption was low, the the issue was at more than just the "resistance to change" level.  Activity compared to that with the Listservs plummeted, huge number of user complaints, escalations to the executive level.  Main issues were that users missed the ability to reply via email, SharePoint functionality was confusing (too many ways to do one thing) but didn't offer basics like a way to manage email notifications, and the UI was clunky.  On the company strategic level, was difficult to scale, even at a rudimentary level (like adding a blog) without creating confusion.  Conclusion that the platform selection was a big mistake, and we needed to find something better, fast!


                    Jive (January 2010 to present) Decided to go with best of breed rather than the product that came free with our enterprise SharePoint contract.  Migrated all content from SharePoint to Jive and implemented with lots of lessons learned and extremely valuable guidance from Jive consultants.  The Strategic Consulting sessions and follow-up were great.


                    Lithium to Jive (December to March 2011) Company merged with another that was using Lithium as their community platform, so we needed to select one platform to merge communities into one.  After much discussion and analysis, went with Jive.  (Some of “us” found it a bit tedious since Lithium couldn’t answer questions like “if you don’t have document and video content types, how can we migrate them from Jive?”  “Our users love replying via email, Lithium doesn’t do this, right?”).  Migrated discussions, blogs, ideas, and comments to Jive, and users to Active Directory, and in a day, the Jive community – communities, groups, content, activity, users etc. – doubled in size.  I’ll admit, the migration wasn’t a walk in the park – there were a lot of tough issues to sort out.  In the end, not everything from Lithium even made it over.  Some users used to the very basic forum view in Lithium were confused by the community aspect of Jive – in Jive, you don’t see one long list of all discussion boards, idea boards, blogs, etc. when you log in.  But to me, that’s necessary for scalability – if we had just expanded the Lithium forum view, our users would have ended up scrolling for five minutes to get through the list of boards.  The RESULT – almost four months later – is that activity is higher in the new combined community than it was ever, combined, in the separate communities.  So even though there were growing pains, our users are using the site more than they ever did with Lithium – and that number is increasing every single month.  In just discussions, activity was pretty stagnant over the past half a year, and then after Jive increased month over month by an average of 24%.  The number of discussions in July was 87% higher than the average combined site activity in the 6 months prior to migrating from Lithium.  I expect this trend to flatten, but numbers don’t lie.  In addition, the users and moderators who came from Lithium have become huge fans of the documents, videos, and events, none of which they previously had access to.


                    Another big win is that we’ve had a number of clients who participate in or lead non-company-sponsored boards request their own group in our community.  So far we’ve created groups for two groups who previously used phpBB forums, along with a few others.  We have the transition down pat now so it's easy and painless for the groups.  We walk leaders through how they want to set up their group and then how to administer it in thirty minutes or fewer - you can't teach SharePoint administration in 30 minutes!  I get comments every time about how it's easier than they expected.


                    *Content in this post is my own opinion, not necessarily that of my employer.

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                      bmcginness Novice

                      So far we have replaced Helpstream, Sharepoint and our support ticketing system with Jive. I expect future migrations will also happen as we continue to grow.

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