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    4.0 to 4.5 Ratings vs Liking


      For those that have gone from 4.0 to 4.5, what decision did you make with regards to ratings and liking? Did you leave them both enabled? Did you keep ratings on and disable liking in 4.5? Did you turn on liking and turn of ratings? If you turned off ratings in favor of liking, did you do an upgrade task to somehow convert any content with ratings into a certain number of "likes"? My dilemma is that while I would personally like to turn on liking and turn off ratings, I don't know if I can expect a lot of fallout from those who have worked to get their members to rate content or from those members who choose to view a piece of content over another based on rating. And whichever route you chose, do you have any usage data you can share pre and post upgrade?

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          Enabled both ratings and likes. We've had very little traction on ratings so we hoped "liking" would be adopted more easily. Since, of course, I can't easily get any stats on either ratings or likes, I can't tell you for sure what's happening... but anecdotally I can say I have seen liking picking up slowly with ratings perhaps increasing just a bit, too.

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              We have them both enabled, and similar to Ted, I see Liking slowly being adopted.  Fraknly, I think people hear that term a lot in their personal world and Facebook, so when they see it in Jive, they instantly know what it means.


              I'm taking this cue and applying it to how I think about all of our site.  For example, I thought they other day that Spaces could be explained like a "Page" in Facebook, except way more interactive.  The concept seemed to connect well with the people I was talking to.


              Ratings, while something people do regularly in life and other parts of the web, haven't seem to have connected with my users.

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                  I think the proportionality for the size of the like button in Jive needs adjustment. The positioning and proportionality in Facebook make it really easy to like. Even in this discussion and reply page, the Like button is the same size as Report Abuse with small font in far right corner. I think this is an important factor in getting users to like more.

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                We left both on in an effort to provide our users with maximum flexibility. Additionally, the "like" function makes much more sense with the enhancements to Status Updates in 4.5, so it was kind of no-brainer to keep this. We did have a small number of groups using the 5 star ratings so we didn't want to turn that off.