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    Collecting Insights and Feedback Best Practices


      Hi All,


      I am curious what tools everyone uses to collect user insights?  We get feedback from many different channels and I'm trying to figure out a way to organize and collect it.  (ie. email to other employees, emails to company mailboxes, external blogs, online, Twitter, Facebook, our analytics team and the community itself).  Does anyone have experience with the JSME Insights tool from JIVE?  I've also wanted to look at Radian6, Tweetdeck ect... but not sure where to start.    I'd love to find a tool to funnel all of these areas into one tool so I can start to organize the findings, but I don't know if one exists.

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          Hi Nicole, I use JSME every day and that includes the insight tools. JSME coupled with SBS IMO is a great combination when trying to collect and organize feedback from several outlets. We've actually created specific spaces in SBS dedicated to reporting and we've also created several Markets which we use to organize our Observations based on sentiment and ultimately categorize them into Viewpoints for our company. You can send out your Viewpoints easily through email in SBS to other employees and even view as PDF if you need to attach it to a distribution list outside of SBS (not everyone within your company may use SBS).


          I've used Radian 6 as well and for your money you can't beat JSME (although I do suggest you do your research and take a look at other tools out there). It has some bugs here and there that can be a little annoying but certainly are not showstoppers. One thing that is particularly great about JSME is that it filters in a significantly larger amount of data compared to other monitoring tools.


          Let me know if you have any specific questions and I'll do my best to answer them!