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    Dealing with delayed emails


      Is anyone else experiencing delays with emails being generated from your instance? If so, how are you communicating with your users to explain and deal with the miscommunication?


      Our users are getting timely responses to time-sensitive issues three days late and I am hearing it from group owners. Jive is working on it, but my advocates are losing patience and faith.


      Examples of some of what I'm seeing:


      Updates from the 16th getting delivered today.



      Responses to discussion coming in late


      Thanks - Mike

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          Hey Mike,


          We are experiencing the same issue.  Oddly enough, some of the notifications are coming through immediately while others are 3-4 days behind.  No real rhyme or reason.  I did open a case regarding this issue and was informed that hosting was aware of it and working on a resolution.


          As for communicating this to the end users, we sent out a friendly email that stated we were aware of some delays with notifications from the community.  We took it as an opportunity to highlight the notifications area for users to know what they're subscribed to, how frequently they can opt to receive the notifications, and shed a little light on "following/receiving notifications" on spaces which doesn't seem to get picked up on enough in the regular day to day.


          The challenge is that our advocates are out there promoting it as a timely way to see what's happening now and when we receive a bunch of emails in a row from 3 days ago--it creates a little doubt in the end user's mind about the effectiveness of the tool.  But like anything, there's always a way to look at it glass half full and try to highlight things related to the issue that might be of interest.




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            We have been seeing this issue as well. It is inconsistent and typically ranges from 12-24 hours when we see delays.

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              We're seeing the same issue, as well, though we blamed it on our internal servers. (Sorry, internal servers!)


              It's a little disappointing to see that hosting was aware of it, and that we weren't notified ...


              I just started seeing this behavior late last week. Is that the same for you? Did Jive give an ETA for when it might be fixed?