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    Top 10  - limited a result set to top n

    Andrew Kratz Advanced

      I am working on a snapshot style report...a one pager report to highlight a number of different metrics around a business unit. (top groups, top active users etc...)   I would like to limit the query to the top 5 or top 10 results and not have a full list of 100's that are returned in the results set. . 


      Do you know how to do that? 


      I am using the SAP Business Objects On-Demand tool and we are on the 4.5.5 release of SBS.


      Here is what I have tried thus far....

      • You can limit the number of records the query returns to 10, however, I can't figure out how to do the sort in the query so that the 10 records returned are the top 10.
      • You can sort the result set on the report page, however I don't see a way to limit the results so it lists out 100's of users.
      • Filters don't seem to add value to this issue


      Thanks for any help.


      Ted Hopton,  hopeful you had some thoughts on this...