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    Catalyst Plug In

      What does the catalyst plug-in do, and how can I explore it?

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          Carrie Gilbert

          Hi Chris,

          Noticed you had a couple unanswered questions floating around out here so here I am again On first blush I'm not finding any sales collateral that would provide a nice, tidy overview of the Catalyst, but I've provided a listing of the included widgets below. What I would recommend is posting this as a case to our support team in your dedicated customer group, and they can connect you with your account manager as needed to get you more details.


          Here are the widgets it includes:

          1. Lobby Widget - Filter content by groups, categories, and tags
          2. Social Group Tag Widget - Aggregate all groups that share a specific tag (or tags)
          3. Active Participants Widget - View all currently logged-in users
          4. Blog Summaries - View a roll-up of recent posts, including a 200-char summary of each
          5. Watch Tags Widget - Aggregate content sharing a list of specified tags
          6. My Profile Widget - View the general profile info of the currently logged-in user
          7. Pick A Blog Widget - Select a specific blog to feature on the home page (e.g., always show the latest post from the CEO's blog)
          8. Enhanced Navigation Widget - Surfaces the currently logged-in user's content
          9. Find People Widget - Provides dedicated people search functionality
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              I didn't know about the Catalyst plugin although the Essential Plugin provides a similar feature set.


              1. OnlineMembersWidget - Shows all users online.
              2. EnhancedBlogWidget - Does an abbreviation of blogs (first 200 chars) with read more and pulls images from the blog to identify them better with a failover to the users avatar.
              3. WatchTagsWidget - Specify as many tags that you want to see. NOTE: the installation of the Essential Plugin will replace the default 'Watch a tag' widget with this 'Watch Multiple Tags" widget
              4. MyProfileWidget - Shows your profile, your status, your work, etc.
              5. PickYourBlogWidget - Specify the exact blog to show.