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    Keynote: Gabe Zichermann, gamification




      The presentation by Gabe Zichermann http://gamification.co/ on gamification was one of my favorites from the event! Just posting my tweets / notes to capture his wisdom here.




      Change begins when one Desires to have Mastery over something. Games are designed to support the desire for mastery. @gzicherm #jw11


      Games can make you smarter and changes your brain. After 12 weeks, people who were learning to juggle had more gray matter @gzicherm #jw11


      Gamification is non-fiction gaming. @gzicherm #jw11

      Game dynamics: take a negative consequence and change it to small positive experiences to drive the change you want. @gzicherm #jw11


      Must lookup Speed Camera Lottery in Sweden. Drive past camera @ speed limit or below, be entered in lottery.$ from speeders. @gzicherm #jw11


      Some of the longest enduring games are social: bridge, poker, mah-jong. It's about socializing while playing. @gzicherm #jw11


      RT @xxoMet "nobody has ever failed by building an experience that was too social." - @gzicherm #jw11


      To understand 'killer' player type, watch Storage Wars. These ppl are smart, strategists, cutthroat. #jw11


      'Killer' player types are your most engaged customers and employees. @gzicherm #jw11


      Speed Camera Lottery: http://www.thefuntheory.com/speed-camera-lottery-0