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    Jive SBS restart needed to take effect


      After installing the Quick links plugin from the Admin console - system - plugins, i can see the plugin is added to the site but it is displaying as

      "quicklinks-plugin (Jive SBS restart needed to take effect)"

      what is the Jive SBS and how can i restart it,

      and once this plugin is installed, how can i add the links to the main navigation bar.

      any suggestions is appreciable.

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          Any time a plugin is deployed, the installation completes once the application server is restarted. Jive SBS is the platform you are using and the plugin is an application that extends functionality of the core platform's capabilities.

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            Part of the answer to your question has to do with where and who is hosting your instance of JiveSBS.  If it is hosted with Jive, then either do a ticket or use the cloud tool that someone in your organization has access to.  If you are hosting this in-house, then your server administrator needs to do it.  The command for a restart is done from the command line either logged in as Jive as as root and the command is as follows:


            /etc/init.d/./jive-application restart


            Optionally, if you are logged on as a user with sudo access you can do the restart using this command.


            sudo /etc/init.d/./jive-application restart


            Hope this helps.