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    5.0.1 Compatibility

      Hi Ryan,


      We're a new Jive customer, and we're rolling out our first external/hosted instance in December. A Jive employee pointed me to your plug-ins, but another Jive technical staff member asked me to validate their compatibilty with 5.0.1, which is what we're rolling out. On that note, which (if not all) plug-ins have been tested and validated on the 5.0.1 platform?




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          We're running 5.0.1 and currently using Ryan's Doc Lock, Quick Templates, Admin Essentials, and SBS Widget Pack plugins.  SWe started on 5.0 and then upgraded to 5.0.1 and we haven't seen any issues running them on either version.  I'm sure we haven't hit every possible use case but they work for us and we enjoy using them.


          Good luck with your rollout!



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            Ryan Rutan

            Most of the plugins should be fine on 5.0.1, but none of them have been compiled against it.  I can tell you that we are using all of them on 5.0.1 in production for about 1 week now...with no major issues popping up.  The only plugin that is compiled against 5.0.1 dependencies is the Admin Essentials plugin.  Hope this helps.