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    Space Templates



      Can we create templates from spaces? I want to create a space with a pre-defined layout, all the widgets widgets needed and would want to save it like a template. I would like to use this template to create additional spaces (or sub-spaces). When i create a new space (or sub-space0 using the template, the new space should inherit all the properties like layout, widgets from the template space.


      Is this possible? If ys, can someone guide me on how to do it. I could not find this information in the 4.5 Admin training guides.





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          John Schwiller

          Related How to clone a group?


          Another nice to have would be that any widgets that are set to be 'local' in the source container would switch to be local in the target container, rather than still pointing to the source container


          BTW I did hear talk that the ability to do your basic ask, possibly with actual content in the template container also being copied had been thought of as 'useful' by Jive - but that was way back when 5.0 was a gleam in somebody's eye. 


          Edit: the link above is in The specified item was not found. you will need to join to access it.


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              Yes. It would be even nicer if that is an option that the user chooses if the widget is local to the source or target.


              hmmm..if they are still talking about space templates, then does it mean that this feature is not available as of now? I hope they implement this soon. We need it badly.


              BTW, I cannot access the link "How to clone a group"? do you need any special permission for that?





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              Hey Vamsi


              You can achieve want you are looking for by using the copy functionality from the widget designer.


              After clicking on the copy button, you enter what place you want to copy. This will copy the layout and widgets to this place. So if you create a new social group, but want it to look like another, then just copy over the layout of the other place.



              This way you don't have one template, you can use any place that you can see as a template.

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