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    Jive vs. Box.net

      Hey guys. My apologies if this is not in the right place but does anyone know if there is any documentation that I could get my hands on that breaks down the feature/functionality comparison between Jive and Box.net? We're getting ready to launch a new portal on Jive although some high ranking folks wanted us to go with Box.net for the platform. I'm looking for some talking points that I could use when I launch this thing to put the proponents of Box.net at ease.


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          From what I know about Box.net it's a cloud based storage center that we actually have an app that connects to it.  Jive itself is a social collaboration platform.  If Box.net has social aspects I am not aware of them.


          Does this help?

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            Hi Sterling,


            Box is actually an App Partner of Jive. If you have 5.0 you should check out the integrated functionality. The primary distinction is that Jive is a Social Business platform focused on enabling seamless awareness, communication, and action throughout the enterprise. We focus our investments on connecting into other systems (both new like box and old like Sharepoint) to give a consistent user experience and make sure we are surfacing the right relevant information at the right time.


            Box is a great company. They are more focused on what I think of as Enterprise Content Accessibility. If you have a file in Box you can find it in your CRM system, on mobile, in Jive, or wherever you happen to be. They are very content focused and provide a lot of value in making this content accessible in a really intuitive way for business users.  Sometimes there is some confusion because Jive (of necessity) must do some file handling and Box (of necessity) must do some collaboration. But the two together make for a very powerful solution enabling use cases like a Sales Rep sharing a file from Jive directly with a client and being able to complete control the permissions and accessibility.


            Hope this helps. I think once you dig in you'll see the solutions are not very similar to each other.





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