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    Community Manager Reports release timing and supported version information


      I know that some folks here are interested in the Community Manager Reports project so want to give you an update about it.


      We have a GA date of December 14.  So just two weeks from now.  This is for both on-premise and hosted customers.


      The supported versions for the plugin will be 4.5.7 and higher and 5.0.1 and higher.  I realize that a number of customers want to use CMR on 4.5.6 and it has been our intention to support that version.  Unfortunately, through our testing we determined that there is a bug in 4.5.6 that makes it not possible for us to support CMR on 4.5.6.  This is fixed in 4.5.7.   Please plan to upgrade to 4.5.7 (or 5.0.1).  I apologize for the inconvenience.