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    The role of 'Brand Police' in the employee community?

      I'm curious to find out if other internal community managers have run-ins with their company's brand police.  I believe that anything external facing should be within brand, but internal facing designs should allow a dept or individual to show a little bit of personality.  We have an awesome Design Team that creates content for both internal and external needs, but the internal content (for example, a header image for a dept's space) always ends up look too on-brand (and boring).  And when someone successfully gets one of our designers to create something 'cool', a higher-up will notice it and request we take it down.  Thoughts on this?  Anyone have similar occurrences?

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          In your scenario, does the Brand Police then work with that particular space's owner to work up an image that IS in brand compliance?  And I presume you're involving the space's owner/admin as part of the discussion?  Do those folks have a style guide that the space owners can look at/leverage?


          In general, we respect the Brand Police's role as the "enforcers". If they were unwilling to help with "brand compliant" material then I feel they would have less credibility to reasonably enforce things.