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    Data migration


      Hi, does anyone have any experience of taking data from an existing collaboration platform and migrating it into Jive?

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          John Schwiller Guru

          Worth talking to Paul Crerand about this (or Jive Professional Services) if you haven't already.


          We have considered this on joint projects with Jive but you need to consider the volume, the user relationships and whether the 'as is' structure is worth keeping. It may be better to just start again in Jive. 

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            Definitely agree with John - doing it alone would be quite challenging, and working with Jive PS or one of their partners would be well worth your time and $.   Migrating can have significant benefits, though particularly if you have a knowledge community already in place.


            This discussion has examples of people who have migrated: What systems/apps have you replaced with Jive?

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                John Schwiller Guru

                Wow Suzanne I had forgotten that thread (I try to read everything Ryan had a name for people like that in the 3 Sea Shells piece) and your long contribution. Gia's "holy crap" nailed it.


                Edit: we were asked to do a migration from Lotus Connections into Jive for a prospect that later stopped the project for reasons I wont go into here. 

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                Hey Shaun,


                We have migrated a bunch of product communities from various platforms onto Jive SBS:


                • Dot Net Nuke
                • Jive Integrated
                • Wordpress
                • Telligent Community Server
                • Telligent Express


                Those are some of the source platforms we've migrated from.  I'm probably forgetting a couple.


                We got Jive PS to build us a migration framework based on our requirements, and then we make changes to the framework to support the source system.  We have run into troubles along the way, but Jive PS was very thorough, and did a great job and delivered the project and reusable framework on time and with decent quality.


                Some room for improvement on our PS arrangement was:


                • The framework, and how to make adjustments to support other source platforms, wasn't documented very well.
                • Fatal Exception and other fatal errors that the framework threw were not documented at all, and eventually PS said they couldn't help us because it wasn't in the original scope of work.  Luckily we have some really smart web developers and were able to figure out/debug the errors on our own
                • The PS engagement was really expensive.  I believe we got very good value out of it but the hourly rate Jive charges is pretty high.
                • There was a 6 week waiting list when we wanted to get started, so we had to put off our plans for 6 weeks after we decided to sign on the dotted line.  The quality was good though so we didn't mind the wait.


                More than happy to have a phone discussion with you about this.  Migrations of content from one community to another is one of the best ways to stop the community from feeling like they have been completely uprooted.  Moving from one platform to another is pretty disruptive, so if your content goes with you, that removes some of the pain



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                    Hi Daryll, thanks for your response, sounds encouraging. I'm in the UK, when would be convenient for a phone catch up?

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                        I'm free at 10AM Eastern US time on Friday.  I'm usually free from 10AM to 11AM Eastern US time pretty much every day  since I work with a bunch of west coast people.  Send me a private message or an email.  I just accepted your friend request so you can get my contact info from my profile