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    Engaging users through invitations

      I would like to get your insights on what the best way to invite users is, once the community is launched.

      I believe using existing corporate channels is important to let future users know that the new community is available, but I would like to get your ideas on the best way to have users log in for the first time.


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          I am leaving my current employer and joining Logica in February and I understand that they use Jive so I am having a look around the site.

          I believe part of the answer to your question has to be:

          Leadership - staff need to see that leaders and senior managers are using the network.

          Set the standard - leaders contributing messages through the corporate channels is a good idea.

          Prizes - give a prize for the most innovative/effective use of the network each month for the first three months. Set up a staff group to award the prizes.

          Celebrate - take every opportunity to highlight the contributions of users and describe how users' use of the network has contributed to the business.

          Patience - set some small milestones. If the network is providing relevant opportunity to your people and the leaders are demonstrating the right bahaviours, the use of the network will grow.

          Good luck


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            You might get more detailed responses if you move this discussion to Internal Community Managers . Would you like me to do that for you?

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              Jill Ross

              I'm in the process of launching my internal community as well, so here's my game plan:


              Create an internal buzz around the tool - don't launch to everyone at first. You want people to be asking you if they can get access to the community, not the other way around. To do this, take a phased approach to rolling out your internal community to create a sense of exclusivity. Find out which groups or teams will likely to engage on the platform or have more use cases, and start with those. Your goal should be to get these "high engagement probability" team members to adopt Jive, learn to love it, and become your advocates. Once you have a solid group using and loving Jive, they will more than likely serve as your word-of-mouth advocates and create an internal buzz. You can help with "teaser" collateral/posters around the office - maybe asking a question that gets people wondering what this "community" is all about.


              Of course, this is all assuming that you build a community that truly solves problems for team members and provides value to the company. Good luck!

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                  That is a great way to get a community started Jill. In fact, that's pretty much what we had gone through. We began with a video featuring some of our leaders as well as those on the front line participating in the platform. This created good buzz and illustrated top level support. We also began with the use cases that we knew were going to produce successes early on. Best of luck!

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                    Thanks for your insight Jill. That's what I was thinking.


                    After identifying the leaders in each department, we would let them invite their contacts, kind of a viral spread to let employees make the tool "their own". If a teammate invites you to a new social network, it looks better than if management does. Feels more natural.



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                    We just launched Jive this year. I have taken a three phased approach.


                    Phase One - AWARENESS

                    I want to get as many employees to get onto the platform at least once and even create a profile. I did this initially by putting up some really nice posters with our community's logo and by doing a lot of presentations. I created a simple one hour presentation. My goal was to give this presentation to as many of our 6,000 targeted employees as possible. My presentation had the following agenda:


                    • Why Jive? 5 min
                    • Benefits of Jive? 5 min
                    • How to connect, communicate and collaborate. 10 min
                    • My top five favorite features: An online tour of the community 15 min
                    • Q&A 25 min


                    Phase Two - ADOPTION

                    During the awareness campaign, I kept notes on who asked a lot of questions during the presentations and who seemed interested in the platform. I also watched within the community who was creating content and which one of those are involved in social media outside of the company. Those are the employees that I targeted to be my Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) or moderators. I began meeting with these individuals to discover how they could champion our community within their circles of influence. I also trained and empowered them to give the road show presentation themselves. This group is always growing. I now have almost 40 trained and engaged.


                    I also worked with senior managers and directors to find ways that they could leverage Jive to accomplish a goal or meet a challenge within their teams. I worked with Gia Lyons and used her business case maps to do this. I am still working this part of the adoption campaign and most likely will be working hard on this from here on out.  See more about Gia's Business Case maps Use Case Glossary Jan 2012.pptx.


                    Phase Three - EXECUTIVES

                    Working now to develop a plan to engage our executive team. Our CEO is really behind the internal social media initiative and a few of the senior managers are interested, but we have not engaged them well on the platform. This is primarily due to the fact that we don't have the mobility feature activated. This is going to happen before February, so I am looking forward to moving forward with this part of the strategy.


                    I do one other activity as an Enterprise Community Manager. I try to connect employees not on the community with specific posts. For example, several employees were posting about cycling to work. I sent the discussion thread as an e-mail to a few members of our HR and health initiatives teams. These individuals were not yet on our social media community. The posts got their attention and several of them now have profiles.

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                      Our approach was this:

                      * Teaser emails from sponsor executives stating site purpose and launch data.

                      * At go live, another exec announcement via email and main intranet site article. Site link also prominent on the intranet page.

                      * Also, at go live we had 7 seed communities to demo look and feel.  Two of these communities were for training general users and potential community managers.

                      * since go live, we have been providing a series of "how to" lunch and learns.

                      * We are now preparing to enter a second phase of "increasing adoption" tactics using video spots and highlighting early adopter use cases and stories. We will also publish monthly metrics and community of the month features on the main intranet site.


                      This looks simple on the surface, but a lot of work was behind this. The Jive community was super helpful with many of the above practices.


                      Good luck with your launch!