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    Love the use case...

    Andrew Kratz

      Sometimes leveraging a small and easy use cases leads to usage of Jive for something bigger and more impactful. 



      Here is mine for the day, what do you have...


      Love the use case our PMO is using for project manager consulting hires.   They have a private Jive group to collaborate on candidates.  Resume posting, who is taking the phone screen, feedback from 1-1 interviews, and conclusions on the candidate .   This is usually done in email. It moves quickly and lots of emails fly around not always with all the right people.  Having it all in one spot is very handy for the team as well as management to keep tabs on where things are at.

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          This would also be a great thing to use for the Projects.  Especially if you add assumptions, observations, and other details that do not always get shared or captured.


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            Hey Andrew --


            I think I know the answer...but will ask to confirm. I think this would work fantastic if the hiring team is constant....but how do you handle new people coming into the recruiting team? e..g  We interview John Doe, all post our notes, and John gets hired. John is now part of the team that will be interviewing people....and thus can see all the feedback on himself.


            I assume the use case doesn't allow for this situation....but if there is a way you work around this....would be great to hear!

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                Andrew Kratz

                We have had a couple of hires and the interview team has been pretty consistent.  Where there were changes, typically we didn't need to kick out anyone on the group (they were ok to see the activity, just might not have been involved) but rather just add some one in.  I guess you could either start a new group or manage the membership.  If you didn't care to keep around the conversations/documents you could also delete and start a new with each hire.  I just liked the benefits of being able to keep tabs on things as a manager as well as not having the updates lost in the email scroll are worth it.