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    Emiko Suzuki

      Anyone interested in social innovation?

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          Welcome Emiko! We do have a specific Innovation Community that you might find interesting. Let me know how I can help make your experience inside our Jive Community great!

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              Emiko Suzuki

              Thank you very much for the link. I will check that out!
              And a little question about Jive... Is this site like a Jive software for Jive community? I mean I got very interested in your product and I wanted to try it out and that's why I signed up here, but it seems a little different from the overview I have seen on the main site. So I got a bit confused.
              It'd be lovely if you could answer Thank you very much in advance!

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              Hello Emiko,

              I am interested in social innovation, but what do you mean by this? The reason why I am asking is that it means different thing to different people.