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    HTML widget on group page?

      Does anyone know of any known bugs where you can't use the HTML widget in a group page?
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          Tracy Maurer

          We've just run into this as well. Works just fine on space overview, but strips the HTML on a group overview page. Meaning I have people who "need" spaces when I'd rather have them use a group.


          Ryan Rutan - do you have any guidance here? Is there a setting that can be changed to fix this?

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              Ryan Rutan

              I've experienced this in the past, but I never looked into the reason behind it.  Meaning, there are aspects of the HTML Filter at play here that is stripping potentially malicious code.  Why it's executing and stripping is the reason I do not know.  I know a System Admin can save the code, and that bypasses the stripping.  One solution though, which is a side-benefit of the Featured Ad widget in the SBS Widget Pack - Plugin.  You can give a Group Owner a code (i.e. YOUR_GROUP_HTML_WIDGET), and you can store their HTML in the System Properties table (per the instructions of the Featured Ad Widget).  This means that distributed groups can have the flexibility of HTML Widgets; however, do not directly control the HTML.  Hope something here helps.

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              Curtis Gross

              Hey all - the reason the HTML widget behaves differently in a group is purely security.  If you think about a Group - anyone can create one if the setting is in it's default state.  With that in mind a spammer or malicious person could create a group and then leverage the HTML widget to take credentials or redirect users to false sites.


              Communities / Spaces on the other hand require an admin to manually give someone permission, thus doing a background check of sorts.