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    Tagging and spaces-groups

    Tim Gray

      We're still working through the space vs group maze, and tagging has come up as something that may be a factor.  If I choose to "Watch a Tag" if I'm watching from a space I can choose to include tags from the sub-spaces.  Suppose in Department A (eg an IT development team) the lead tester wanted to watch the tags: test, testing etc. but just for that department and not the entire enterprise, and the department is comprised of different groups - it seems that I'd need an instance of the widget for each group. Whereas if I set up the groups as subspaces I could watch the entire space/subspace environment.  I guess a workaround might be to set up everything as projects under a group - but it's something to think about when deciding on spaces vs groups.


      Does this sound right?  Any thoughts on the what we should think about re: tagging and the distinction between groups/spaces?

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          It sounds like Projects within a group is a good way to go.  Logically, that Lead Tester could be a member of a group around a specific technolgoy (e.g. .NET) and follow all the projects within that competency that he/she is a part of.


          If you go down the space-subspace route and try to be too granular, you will drive yourself bananas.

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