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    Invitation to Existing Group Members

      Hi - when adding members to groups, we can choose the names of those who already belong to the group.  When we attempt to send the invitation, we receive an error message indicating the invitees who are already members of the group.  That is helpful, however the invitation doesn't go out to those who are not members.  The person looking to add members has to then start over with the invitee list.  Is this a known issue and by design or should we open a case to address?  Thanks. Chris

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          Thanks for posting about this, Chris.


          I suggest going ahead and posting a support case about this either way, to raise visibility to the current functionality.  It's behaving "as designed" currently, but I can definitely see how it could be improved by sending to the recipients who had not already joined, rather than making you start all over again.

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            Hi Chris,


            I just tested this on my 5.0.1 community and found that while the error states the invite was not sent, it was indeed sent to the ones who did not get the original invite.


            My test case:


            1.  Created Private Group

            2.  Invited two fake members:  Emre and Brenda

            3.  Invited two more members:  Emre and Joan

            4.  Got the error

            5.  Logged in as Joan and she had the invite


            Hopefully this is the same as your site is seeing.  If not, then it's not working as intended.


            Either way, the message needs to reflect who was not sent the invite so it's not misleading.