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        Hello Everyone:   My name is Darwin Singson.  I am a Sr. member of the Sales Enablement team at Informatica, a global Data Integration and Data Management company.  In my department's role to enable and train a global sales force and pre-sales teams... one item that was missing from the learning equation is our sales ability to leverage peer experiences and pool knowledge from each other globally.  In my multiple hats (including internal communications)  one of my goals then was to create a "Culture of Collaboration" and therefore, several years back I launched Yammer to the company and that eventually led to the launch of Chatter which replace Yammer. 


        Currently the plan is to shut down Sharepoint sales document repository and move the entire sales force to the collaboration based Jive instance.  That launch is to take place end of November and in one of my roles as evangelist to increase adoption of our collaboration and social networking tools, I have the typical challenged of getting folks trained and jump starting usage to a global and mobile sales force not completely sold on the values and benefits of an internal social networking tool like Jive.


        I would love any insight, direction, best practices, and fun tricks you all did to get folks on board to using Jive and continuing to use it after the initial launch.

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          how are you defining adoption from the 6k you mentioned?

          what was the biggest 1 or 2 things you did to increase adoption?

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            Any concerns with shutting down Sharepoint and the usage of documents in Jive? We find that there is need for permissions down to libraries and/or documents which Jive doesn't provide.

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              One of the questions that I encounter is how likely is the sales person to find a hot spot, fire up a computer and connect thru a VPN.  There was a lot of grumbling and resistance since that takes time out from selling.  I think with the expanded mobile in 4.5 and 5.0 plus the move to tablets, we can overcome that.




              Another item to look at is fragmentation.  How many different places do they need to go?  SSO or different logins?  How email centric are they?  Do you need to provide and email where they send a question to the community and have the support team monitor and reply?




              Will be interesting to hear more on your rollout.



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                Hello, Darwin! You will definitely be interested in the recent webcast that Steven Bamberger and Terry Kristiansen from Toshiba did. They've been using Jive for sales enablement for a few years now, in their webcast, they discuss how they've gamified Jive (they call their instance eXCHANGE) to encourage even more participation from their sales organization. You also might find the presentation that mikecalderon gave at Jiveworld interesting. He's in the midst of rolling Jive out to 20k sales reps at HP. To view the video, first request membership in the private The specified item was not found. group. All the Jiveworld videos are on the homepage.

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                  Hello Everyone.  I was one of the Enterprise Community Leaders at Schneider Electric, and now part of Infosys as their Social Business Strategist.  I will be evangilizing the benefits of formalizing the Community Mgmt program to the deployment of the Social Business Culture...I have seen this linkage assist in cultural change managment for social business adoption & usage in companies..

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                    Welcome aboard, Richard!! Good to have you here. 

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                      Thanks @Tracy, good to be here...hope all is well with you?

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                        Complete newbie here.  Our company's pushing jive but I'm not convinced.  Why?

                        1. Jive is a big flashy business application with all of the standard intimidation trappings.
                        2. Sites like facebook allow users to hide behind varying degrees of annonymity. Those in the network know each other to the degree they are willing to expose their "hearts" to one another - ie. more trust = more dialogue.  An employee posted critical (but honest) feedback about a particular initiative.  It was followed by numerous volley's of "*** kissing" from people wanting to build up their own relevance and a call to a VP to initiate damage control to protect the critiqued project.  The thread ended with the original poster admitting embarrasment at having written "publicly" but hoping the replies would at least educate some others.  I guarantee that guy won't be posting again anytime soon, even though the VP tried to put on a good face about open feedback.


                        Here's where my mind is.  I want to form private networks that cross organizational boundaries (silos) composed of people I've built trusted relationships with.  It always amazes me what you can accomplish when you get the right people in a room and talk.

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                          Wow!  Remember culture eats strategy.  You can enable private secret groups where people are invited and only they see the conversation.  But if the point is collaboration and engaging everyone, I wonder if any tool will be of use.  If senior management wants to hear from folks now that a climate of fear was generated, you can create a space that allows anonymous posts.  With the current culture, you will need to brace yourself for a lot of negative comments initially.  How management  reacts will set the tone and determine if this works.


                          Just my thoughts and ramblings


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                            I agree with Mike - technology can't solve the problems of culture. I'd recommend reading Trisha Liu's recent post about transparency, Community Management 101: No Censorship, By Trisha Liu, ArcSight, an HP company

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                              Hi JD! Thank you for posting your perspectives here and welcome to the group!


                              You mentioned your company is 'pushing Jive.' What is the messaging around this push? Are there specific things that your company is asking employees to do?


                              The story that you shared of an employee posting honest and critical feedback - did that happen in your company's Jive community?


                              I am having my own struggle.... I have posted honest yet critical feedback in one of my company's employee communities and have been met with silence. One or two sympathetic people have posted comments, but not anyone with power or authority to make actionable use of the feedback.


                              My struggle is not because our communities are on Jive. It is because there is not commitment from enough employees and company leaders to listen, or inability commit and act on suggested project improvements.


                              Back to you. I would be interested to know how your company is promoting how to use the employee community. Your idea of private networks can work, if it gets more employees comfortable using the community and posting there. If it leads to better collaboration and project completion, then great! That could be a success in spite of the company culture.


                              On the other hand, all this great work may become isolated inside the private groups. If the projects eventually need attention from a leader, but the leader hasn't been engaged in the community all this time, then you may end up with the problem I am having.


                              I hope this is helpful,


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                                I have been a part of this community for a pretty long time but somehow have never gotten around to introducing to myself. I am an Enterprise Community Manager with ThoughtWorks. We use Jive as our collaboration platform and have seen very good uptake. Come this 8th March, we'll celebrate a year with Jive as our platform.

                                I will quickly highlight the top 3 key wins we have had:

                                • Encouraging uptake
                                • Huge amount of user generated content from documents to posts--sharing of personal learnings, project updates, all kinds of stuff
                                • Exciting use of the discussion forum—across different communities from BAs to developers to UX—for debates, discussions, questions

                                What helped?

                                The culture! We have an open culture given to debates, discussions, and distributed decision making. The culture facilitated the uptake in a huge way.


                                Does that mean we had no challenges?

                                Not at all! We had plenty of those. And we still have a few hills to climb. Here are a few challenges we are still facing:

                                • Our users are hard core technical folks used to email lists for collaboration. They still prefer to contribute and participate via email. We are working with Jive to come up with a few solutions. I would love to know if any of you are facing similar challenges in your organization.
                                • They are also road warriors or work from different locations (mostly client sites) where access is limited. They have to participate via email.

                                Therefore, the email integration and the experience are hugely important.

                                One more thing that worked: Open groups that people could join at will or even participate without joining. All our successful communities are built on Open Groups and a few Members Only ones. This makes all content--discussions, documents, posts--visible to any and all encouraging participation, promoting collaboration and cross-fertilization of ideas.

                                Great to be a part of this group. Learning tons every day,


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                                  Hi folks. I am an MBA student in London researching Wiki based software for Enterpise.

                                  There are some pretty evocative community stories here in this group.

                                  I am interested to talk to people who have used Jive at work and noticed a resulting change in the culture/attitude of their organisation due to the use of Jive instead of a traditional Intranet?  I understand some people have already posted here that technology cannot change culture but perhaps if the culture was open  in the first place this was possible. Either success stories (or disasters!) would be useful to me.

                                  Any help in this area would be very much appreciated.

                                  Many thanks. Fionan

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                                    Hello all! New to Jive and the community and just found this community mgrs area. Good stuff. Now comes the usual task of looking for the information I need.


                                    I have been working with Knowledge Management for the past 7 years and we have somewhat recently (in the last year) implemented Jive. As the rollout gets bigger it will impact me more as I try to help everyone else (including myself) figure the best way to get buyin for use of Jive and how to deal with the semi-structured chaos.   As Tricia says above, it's a delicate process between getting the leadership to support and the user base to commit.


                                    But it's always fun to try something new!

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