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    How to Use Jive for our customizations


      Please help us on how to proceed the development after installation of Jive Software-

         - Please provide the steps to configure Eclipse with Jive application?

         - What are the steps to start doing our customizations using jive?

         - How can we extend our applications in Jive?


      Thanks in Advance.

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            Hi Jesse,

            Thank you.

            I  would like to clarify more brief on basic questions:-

            We have installed the Jive software jive-sbs-employee-RHEL-x86_64.rpm on CentOS Environment. we are a licensed customer.

                - How to utilize the jive software to extend the jive features. I understood need to import plugins. 

                - but we are trying to do configuration of the development environment in Eclipse. what are the basic points to remember to develop.

                - I would like to clear that about Jive's Maven repository. I have found few questions ( Pulling Source code from Maven Repository ) in our Jive community for requesting the Maven's repository. I hope this is for getting source code for development environment ).

            how to integrate jive plugin into our development environment to extend customizations (integration of eclipse with Jive plugin). 


            Please correct if anything wrong about my understandings and kindly do suggest how to followup.


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                Honestly, there's no simple answer about your Jive development questions when what you really need is a foundation of basics. It would be helpful for you to obtain Jive training to learn the fundamentals of Jive development, or continue researching documentation as there is much to learn.





                A quick note about Jive development: It is important to know that Jive development occurs through either extensions (plugins and Jive apps), and/or UI customization, such as Freemarker. Plugins are basically applications that extend or override existing functionality of the core product, with Jive's entire API at your disposal. UI customization, such as through Freemarker, will override the existing UI, unless the FTL (Freemarker Template) is within your plugins, allowing you to create your own web pages, widgets, or virtually any other UI extension or override to Jive's out-of-the-box product.


                Once again, there's no quick way to answer your questions, unfortunately, so I recommend continuing to learn the basics through Jive training, and then eventually begin setting up a Hello World plugin or Jive app., and proceed to learning from the many free examples out there.


                It will certainly be an adventure .

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                    Hi Jesse,

                    I understood that we have to customizations using plugins & widgets. But to start development and build need the source code which is not available with us and don't know where to start up for eclipse and maven with jive code. That's why we have a lot of questions on configuring the Maven and eclipse for build. recently we have got access of jive code from Maven's repository. So we will configure eclipse and Maven to develop and build customizations. We will start development now and let you know if any clarifications.


                    Thank you

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                        It will be extremely helpful to have Jive's source code handy as reference as it will help to solve many of your development problems. Once again, be sure to familiarize yourself with the various getting started articles on the Developer's main page, and also it would be best for you to start off with a hello world plugin if you're doing plugin development of which the steps are defined at Building Plugins.


                        Let me know if you run into problems getting started.

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                      Ryan Rutan Guru

                      I would have to agree with Jesse on his observations, your questions are based on a need to better understand the fundamentals (IMO).  Depending on your proficiency, jesses links are the best for self learning.  If you want something more turnkey ... I'd recommend the jive 5 backed training online course, which not only teaches you the technology, but it also provides a canned process for getting started that simplifies the learning curve.  For more information, simple visit:  https://community.jivesoftware.com/community/education


                      Hope this helps.