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    Pasting pictures directly into discussions/documents

      I would like to paste pictures directly into a discussion or a document.


      Currently it appears I have to save a screenshot to a file, and the click "Insert image" within my document and browse to it.


      I want to be able to cut and paste directly into my document I am editing.   I do a lot of pasting images into documents, and to have to save them to disk first and then browse to them is a huge time suck.



      Any ideas?

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          Olivia Teich

          While you can currently paste images from any web page directly into the text editor, this doesn't help with screenshots. That's something we would love to be able to do, but it's not currently possible with JavaScript rich text editors (like ours), which offer much more functionality than alternative text editors. It turns out there is a ton of discussion about this feature for many apps across the web. The net-net is that JavaScript access to the clipboard is considered a browser security risk. There are some alternative approaches but at least for now they don't present a good experience or wide accessibility. It's a great suggestion though and we will absolutely be keeping an eye out!